Starting your free 30 day trial

1. How to set up your free 30 day trial 

After clicking the "Free 30 day trial" button, please enter your 'First name', 'Last name' and 'email address'.
Click on the underlined text 'terms of use and privacy policy' and read the information.  Click CLOSE when you have read the details.
Click the small box to say you have read and agree with the terms of use and privacy policy.
Click START FREE TRIAL. free trial for sole trader start ups

2. Create a password

Your details will be confirmed.
Create a password. It must be at least 6 characters long and combine letters and numbers.
Confirm the password, by re-entering the same password.
If the password doesn't match, you will be asked to re-enter.

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3. Enter your details

You can now enter your details which will be needed on a quote or invoice.
Enter your details, by selecting the relevant sections. If for example you are a registered company, e.g. Limited, you will need to complete the Business registration details, if you are not a registered company, you can ignore this section.
Once your details are complete, use the 'three bar' menu, at the top right of your screen, to start quoting or invoicing.
If you don't have all the information to hand right now, don't worry you can add it later. quoting and invoicing app

4. Your personal details

These fields should already be completed, but if you need to change them in the future, this is the section you use.
Click UPDATE to save any changes.

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5. Enter your company name and business details

Enter the type of business you are e.g. plumber, designer, gardener.
Enter your company or trading name; this could just be your name.
Enter your address.
Enter your telephone number and website if you have one.

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6. If you have a registered company e.g. Ltd, complete these details

Select if your company is registered or not, using the drop down menu.

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If you are registered enter your company registration number.
Select the region in which you are registered e.g. Scotland.
If your registered address is the same as your trading address click the small box.
If different enter your registered address.

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7. If you are VAT registered complete these details

If VAT registered select yes

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Enter your VAT registration number
Select whether you want your quotes to be inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

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8. Standard payment terms

Enter your standard payment terms e.g. 30 days from date of invoice.
The terms will appear on all quotes and invoices.
The payment terms can be changed for a specific quote or invoice, by over writing the text in the actual quote or invoice.

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9. Upload your logo

If you want to add your logo to your quotes and invoices, upload it here.
Choose the file, must be a .jpg or .gif, and click on upload.

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Now take a few minutes to review the other user guides to help you navigate around

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