My Jobs and Dashboard

1. Dashboard

When you LOG IN you will go to MY JOBS which has your Dashboard.

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The first time you see this page, there will be no jobs on the dashboard, but information will be added as you produce quotes and invoices. See example below.
The dashboard will help you keep track of your quotes and invoices.

2. Select jobs by status and sort by number

See 'All' your jobs or select them by status e.g. Quote - Draft, using the first drop down menu.
Change the order in which you see the jobs e.g. Sort by date - latest first, using the second drop down menu.

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3. Job history 

Below the Dashboard, the jobs will be listed with their history e.g. when quoted, emailed, amended and invoiced.
Click on the job to see the screen version of the quote or invoice.

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4. View quote or invoice 

The details of the quote are shown below.
Click on the relevant yellow button to
- SEND QUOTE BY EMAIL, to the email address shown
- QUOTE ACCEPTED (quotes must be accepted before invoicing)

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heres my quote quoting app for self employed

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