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The following shows you how to set up and store a template. Quote templates are ideal for jobs where the details are similar. A template lets you create a quote quickly and easily, as all or most of the content will be in place. You can then make minor changes if required to adapt for your customer. 

1. Select from MENU 

Select MY TEMPLATES from the 'three bar' MENU.

heres my quote quoting and invoicing solution for trades people

2. Create a template

This page shows any existing quote templates, plus there is a button to CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE.

heres my quotes templates and invoices

3. Quote template

Start by giving the template a name e.g. Clear Heathland
Put a general description of the job in 'Details' e.g. "To clear the area of heathland near Long Heath road, as shown on the map."
Add confidential note, that won't appear on the quote e.g. "be aware of the dog".

heres my quote job invoice templates

4. Building the quote template

Click ADD A NEW ITEM - add job details to template

In the description field, under New item, add text to describe this item. e.g. Labour days.
Add the quantity.
Add the rate.
Click the red SAVE button to calculate the total. quoting solution for self employed

5. Add an extra item

To add another item, click ADD A NEW ITEM again. - add job details to template

Enter the details as before and click the red SAVE button. quoting software

6. Add Quote sign-off message

At the bottom of the quote you can add a sign off message. for small business owners

7. Save the template

Complete the process by clicking on SAVE TEMPLATE. quoting templates for sole traders

8. Check Template list

The new template then appears on the My Templates list. They appear in alphabetical order.

heres my quotes templates and invoices

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