Accountancy "FAQs"

Frequently Asked Questions about

If you have other questions, please email and we will reply to you as quickly as we can.
Many questions are answered within the user guides, such as 'Can I create a template?' - so please also refer to the step-by-step user guides as well as the questions below.

What currencies can I use?

Currently is only available in the UK, using £ sterling. If you have a particular currency you would like to use, drop us an email and we will see what we can do. 

What VAT rates can I use? can be used by sole traders or small businesses whether they are VAT registered or not - see settings in 'My Details'. If you are VAT registered you can decide if your quotes and invoices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT. On invoices you can also change the VAT classification on any item and make them VAT exempt or zero rated.
If you have any different requirements, drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Can I add a discount?

Yes you can. On the quote 'Add an item' - enter text e.g. 'Discount 5%' and then add '1' in the quantity. Work out what 5% is (Total x 0.05) and add that amount, with a '-' in the rate field e.g. '-45'. The click the red SAVE button.

Can I delete an invoice?

You cannot delete an invoice once it has been produced. You can go in and amend the invoice, perhaps set to £0 or you can change to a new amount and send to your customer. Or you can create a 'negative' invoice (credit note) to cancel it out.

Can I process payments?

No you cannot process payments with Once payment is received, please change the status to paid.

How do I best work with my accountant?

"here's my quote" has been designed to help you create quotes so you win more work, create invoices to improve cash flow. You will still need a bookkeeper or accountant to manage your purchases, receipts an payments.
"here's my quote" provides reports which can be exported by you and sent to your bookkeeper, or you can let them have access to what they need.

What happens at my year end?

At the year end you will be able to export your sales invoices for your accountant, if you have not done so already. There is no special process for year end, you just carry on producing quotes and invoices.